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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have seen some words such as “Website Hosting” and “WordPress” that mean absolutely nothing to you – and that’s fine, because our support team would take care of all the technical bits for you, but just in case you was interested…

What is the ‘Website Support and Updates’ Package?

The Website Support and Updates package is the most common service that we provide to customers like you. Most companies would create your website and put on the internet with a big company that doesn’t care about you and would charge you extra if you go over any resources, a bit like running out of mobile phone data. We’re different. With this package, we don’t meter any resources that your website uses up and we take care of anything technical for you, even after the website has been created. We’ll even update anything on the website for you, so there’s no stress on your behalf – all you’d need to do is send us a quick e-mail! Our support team are also ready and raring to offer help for anything, including helping you with your mobile phone! After we create your website, here’s what the Website Support and Updates package includes all at no extra cost:

  • Unmetered Data/Resources
  • Your own personalised e-mail address
  • 2 Domain Names (e.g.,*
  • 8 hours of our time to update your website and provide advanced support
  • Website Hosting

The package is also available even if we didn’t create your website so contact us now and we’ll get everything sorted for you.

What is Website Hosting?

In order to have a website online, you need to have a “Website Hosting” service which basically stores all of the website’s photos, videos and text on a super-speedy computer. To keep things as simple as possible, we offer a website hosting service that comes along with your new website so that you don’t have to worry about finding a provider – this also means that you won’t have to pay several bills from several different companies just to have your website online (what a faff that would be!), instead everything is in one safe place and our amazing support team are on-hand just incase you need anything.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain is just a fancy word for the name of your website. Examples of Domain Names would be,, You can have any domain name for your website and it can be as creative or as simple as possible. It could be the name of you or your band for example, or something much more cryptic if you’d like. Our team can help you decide on what’s best for a domain name before you buy it. If you already know what domain name you’d like, act fast as their availability are dropping like flies!

Once you’ve got your own domain name, we offer the opportunity to have your own personal e-mail address, so that you no longer have to use an or e-mail address – this makes you look much more professional and desirable! Some companies charge you for this, but for us it’s a pleasure to have you around and it’s just one of many of our added benefits!

What does Mobile Friendly or ‘Responsive’ Mean?

A Mobile Friendly, or “Responsive” website simply means that the website will adapt depending on the size of your screen. If your tech-savvy enough to be able to change the size of this page on your computer/tablet, try it and you’ll see what we mean – make the internet window as small as possible and watch it adapt to the size! This makes it easier for people to read when they’re on mobile phones. All of the websites that we make can be Mobile Friendly, so what are you waiting for?!

So… What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System, but we don’t expect you to know what that means! WordPress is a software that is really easy to use, and means that in some cases our clients are able to update their own website really easily with no technical knowledge at all! All they would need to do is login to a secret area online, select the page they wanted to edit and then just update it like a word document! It’s super easy, but if you didn’t want to do that then we would do it for you as a part of our standard package… so stop worrying about the tech stuff and get in contact, we make things really easy for you to understand..

* Only selected domain name extensions (TLD’s) are included in this offer. Subject to availability.

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