Our Support Pledge

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Our Support Pledge

We know! It can be really scary to sign up with a company to make your website – a website is so important to you and your fans and you’re not even remotely tech savvy… forget about terms like “WordPress” and “Website Hosting” when you can barely turn the damn thing on! Does that sound familiar? Good, because that’s exactly why we’re here…

We work with people who have varying levels of technical knowledge and for most designers or design companies, this would be problematic and would effectively create a language barrier that wastes time, money and does nothing but create a disastrous website – but we’re different and so is our support.

Good customer service and support is key and because we work with both technophobes and technicians, we understand the individual needs of both and anything in between which gives us a head start when working with you. Here’s a list of our customer support aims:

  1. We won’t overcomplicate things, give you an answer that you don’t understand or leave you without answers.
  2. We will get back to you as soon as possible when you send us an email and should you have any issues, they will be fixed shortly after.
  3. Our support team is dedicated and always happy to chat and assist, no matter how silly an issue might seem to you, it’s important to us.
  4. We’re available to be contacted either by our online system, online chat, over the phone or by e-mail 100% of the time.
  5. We love to catch up with our customers! If we’ve not heard from you in a while, we always try to get in contact to make sure everything’s okay!
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